gps tracker


gps tracker

sebab apa kita perlukan gps tracker untuk pasang kereta kita?? 

global positioning system (GPS) ada la 1 tracker yang biasa orang pasang untuk kereta tanpa potong wire kereta
dan boleh tolong owner kereta selesaikan pelbagai masalah yang dihadapi 
1 ada ka anda selalu binbang orang keluarga yang balik ka lewat malam??
2 ada ka anda pernah takut kecurian kereta berlaku ka kita sendiri??

3tak tahu kereta yang pinjam saudara atau kawan yang p tempat mana??

jika anda risau orang tua yang pandu kereta ka malam tak balik balik lagi,

atau binbang anak yang baru dapat lesen tapi selalu lewat malam balik

anda boleh memasang gps tracker ini untuk tengok balik mereka balik dengan selamat,atau dapat message handphone anda jika kereta bawa terlalu cepat,ada speed warning function

2 percent yang tinngi untuk selamatkan kereta anda dari kena curi

berminat boleh wat app 0164016784
atau mai kedai ka pekan lama sebelah caltex sungai petani

The GPS locator has anti-theft warning function, and when someone trying to seal your vehicle an alert will be triggered. In case the vehicle is stolen, it will be very difficult to track and trace it. Because most criminals change or remove car license plates to avoid being found by the police. GPS locator can find out the whereabouts of the stolen car, so that the police can catch the criminals and ensure the safety of property. 
3 You might be embarrassed to always ask the status or where about of your vehicle if a friend of yours borrows the vehicle from. You will have a peace of mind now with GPS locator installed 
Borrowing a vehicle often occurs among relatives and friends You will be able to know the vehicle movement if a vehicle locator is installed in your vehicle, and you will have a peace of mind because you now know where your vihicle is whenever you want to. Car locator can accurately locate the specific position of your car at any time; Historical track playback functions help to provide some detailed evidence in case of disputes; And the alarms function able to let you know whether there is an emergency in the car in the first place. 
GPSINA M2 Tracker 
It will work for a long period time uninterruptedly when it's connected to the vehicle. 
Real-time monitoring and query of location online via mobile phone. Simple and easy to use and stable performance. 
It's suitable for theft prevention of private vehicle or commercial motorcade, family driver monitoring the school shuttle for children and safe transportation of valuables. 
Mobile phone real-time positioning and capable to view the historical route for several months 
Real-time locationing function: real time position tracking in map via mobile phone. 
Track query record: Querying historical records via mobile phone. 
Monitorig anywhere anytime: Connect the GPS locator to the vehicle and it will be working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 
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